Soft-Ukraine is a true partner for us. Over the past two years they have provided high quality and smart solutions for large and complex problems on time and on budget. We have enjoyed their professionalism and flexibility. I highly recommend their services to organizations who cannot take risk in their software development efforts.
CEO - Caspio Inc
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Services Software Architecture
One of the services, provided by our company is the development of the software architecture. Software architecture is critical to today's business success, yet it requires technical, business and organizational talents and skills. A successful architecture forms the platform for the successful development of your project and its strategic advantage. It is one of the most difficult and vital steps in the software development. The productivity, security and reliability of the system largely depend on the successfully developed software architecture.

On the organizational side, the software architecture helps to provide the successful integration and cooperation of different parts of the system.

On the technical side, software architecture allows you to successfully realize the system requirements and objectives and reduce the cost of maintenance and development.

Based on the analysis of your requirements (specifications), our specialists will select the optimal technologies and produce for you a general description of the project architecture. This architecture can further be used as the basis for the whole process of project development.

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