Soft-Ukraine is a true partner for us. Over the past two years they have provided high quality and smart solutions for large and complex problems on time and on budget. We have enjoyed their professionalism and flexibility. I highly recommend their services to organizations who cannot take risk in their software development efforts.
CEO - Caspio Inc
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Our Projects
  • ISOPIA/SUN Microsystems - Internet Distant Learning System (e-training), Java, EJB/JSP
  • ISOPIA/SUN Microsystems - Internationalization project for palm devices, Java/EJB, Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) on the device side (PalmOS and other micro devices) and EJB on the server
  • ISOPIA/SUN Microsystems - Code improvement, testing and documentation
  • JOBJAB Inc. Toronto, Canada - Canada's leading online job site. PHP, MySQL, Apache WEB server, Linux
  • CTA Inc. Toronto, Canada - Conversion of forms and reports, JAVA, VB, XSLT
  • CASPIO Inc. Santa Clara, CA, USA - Custom Database-bound WEB forms, reports and lookups without any downloads or any programming, C#, VB, .NET, JScripts, DHTML, HTML, XML, XSLT
  • SUN Microsystems of Canada, Toronto, Canada, - Sustaining Support of its core educational system, ELP
  • BWC, Haifa Israel - conversion from legacy to WEB based application of its PILG project
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