Soft-Ukraine is a true partner for us. Over the past two years they have provided high quality and smart solutions for large and complex problems on time and on budget. We have enjoyed their professionalism and flexibility. I highly recommend their services to organizations who cannot take risk in their software development efforts.
CEO - Caspio Inc
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For Clients Price Policy
We offer one of the lowest S/W development prices in the world without sacrificing the quality. The low development cost is a key factor to a large number of clients, especially in this highly competitive market. Our prices are guaranteed to satisfy any budget.

Pricing and structure

You can choose one of the following options, or we can offer any other plan suitable to your needs.
  • Hourly rate price structure.

    Rates may vary from project to project. Lowest prices guaranteed. For more details please contact us.
  • Fixed bid contract price.

    We will help you to finalize the requirement specification and then present you with a detailed project plan, milestones, deadlines and unbeatable price quotes


Client satisfaction is our most important business objective. You, as our valued client, will determine the degree of control you wish to maintain over the project development phase.

You may wish to exercise a minimal control, just review the progress reports and milestones. Or you may wish to be one step closer to the development and use our bug tracking system, or you may choose to have a regular contact over the Internet and monitor the software development as it progresses. You may wish to have a direct contact with the development team and have weekly conference calls. Our development activity is fully visible to you, as if you were physically on the development site. We offer flexibility and our friendly staff will assist you in every step of the way.

Frequent software releases, under full configuration control system enables you to even review the previous releases.


Our clients are the sole owner of the developed software, including source code, executables, documentation and the exclusive copyright to it.

Alternatively we can offer you partnership in your project. Please contact us and discuss with us your ideas, we may develop the software for you practically free of charge and be your true partner in this venture. Each case considered separately and copyright issue should be negotiated and agreed upon in writing.

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