Soft-Ukraine is a true partner for us. Over the past two years they have provided high quality and smart solutions for large and complex problems on time and on budget. We have enjoyed their professionalism and flexibility. I highly recommend their services to organizations who cannot take risk in their software development efforts.
CEO - Caspio Inc
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About Us Company History
Soft-Ukraine is a young and energetic software development company established in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine offering offshore S/W Development solution to clients worldwide since 2001.

The recent globalization trend, has forced many companies to take time and money saving measures. Offshore development option seems to be the most promising to reduce "time-to-market" and "development cost".

Soft-Ukraine has a unique advantage no other offshore software development company can offer: The North American project management team actually resides in Ukraine. Combining this presence with a staff of 40 carefully selected programmers of the highest caliber from the Ukraine has given Soft-Ukraine a proven track record of successfully completing every project on time and on budget.

Soft-Ukraine follows a strict and approved Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology in all its projects delivered with a full set of documentation.
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